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it’s friday….and i’m glad…

Here’s a twitter-style run down thus far….

Got to work even though I professed to be taking a day off.
Downloading Sunday Video.
Burnt said video to DVD.
Handbraked” a DVD clip for usage next week.
Attempted to learn Joomla! for our new site.
Watched  The Dog Whisperer with our puppy, Lilly.
Later – Dinner with me wifey, Sara.
Later – More work on our website and Joomla!
Later – Bedtime….Lord willing….


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I was doing some researching on theming and blogging on the Joomla! CMS when I stumbled across this sweet video nugget. See for yourself…

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I’ve been pretty good about staying out of “the race”…but how can anyone vote for her?

Bill-ary Clinton

Look at that smile!

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In-laws, in-ears and innerds…

Sara and I went out to Illinois to see her family today.  Was a pretty decent trip overall.  We weren’t able to get out there last weekend for Easter due to having to be at the church all weekend…and week…so we needed to get a trip in out there before Sara is done with Spring Break.  It’s quite a bit of traveling to make the trip in a day…several hours there…and several back.  Not to mention that it was pouring buckets of water the entire way home…and at times it was hailing/sleeting.  Lovely weather this time of year!  The trip seemed forever long on the drive home…even though we watched SNL’s Best of Will Farrell (Vol. 1 and 2) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on our iPod.  You’d think it would make the trip go by faster.  It didn’t.  If anything it rubbed in the fact that we watched hours of SNL and an hour and half long movie….and STILL weren’t home.  Trips like that always leave my stomach a little loopy.  Just doesn’t quite settle…not to mention that I am nursing a sore throat…hoping it doesn’t turn into it’s evil step-sister a full-blown cold.  Here’s hoping…

As for the in-ear thing, let me explain.  We’ve been thinking a lot about how to get the best sound quality/coverage in our KidStuf space.  It seems as though the monitors may pose a problem.  Personally, I’m all for using in-ears.  I love to use them and prefer to use them.  Problem here is two-fold though….  1.)  Not everyone in our neck of the woods has ever used them…in fact, most haven’t and 2.) They cost money.  A decent bit of money in fact.  Just another 3 or 4 sets can augment our Audio budget a pretty decent little bit.  But, hey!  Live a little right?

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Massive Overhaul…and lots of $$$

We’re at the near beginning of a summer-long remodel/re-structuring of our children’s/family ministry, of which I am in charge,… Things have been hectic and the saying that “it takes more to kill something than to create it” is SOOO true… As we look to restructure (kill) Adult Sunday School, my main concern is not the money involved in the remodel…nor the volunteer base need to make KidStuf and Upstreet happen; rather, many of my concerns lie in bringing those adult sunday school goers on-board with the idea that discipleship will take place largely withing small groups, rather than a class…within “doing Jesus” rather than “learning Jesus”… if that makes any sense. Truthfully, the remodel, as I envision it, will take close to $70,000…a bit over what I originally hoped…but that $70K will rock your socks off…both as fifth-grade boys and as parents. I look forward to the Fall kick-off…but see the mountain of mounting work before me… T’wil be a long haul…but a haul worth hauling in the long run…thus, a haul worth hauling now…

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attention vs. focus

An interesting video isn’t it.  After watching it I began to think about the church and us in leadership positions within her.  “It’s easy to miss what you are not looking for.”  All too often I find myself guilty of this.  It’s all too easy to make gross judgments based on what I’ve given my attention to.  It’s all too easy to make encompassing statements that are inaccurate.  After all, those statements pack the most punch.  Many a marriage has died from this.  “You NEVER do….”  “You ALWAYS….”  “You’re the biggest ____ I know!”

We can all benefit from looking at things a bit differently.  Just because someone’s small group is struggling doesn’t mean that they all suck.  I kind of see it like those Magic Eye posters.  You can give the poster all the attention in the world…but unless you focus correctly you will never see the true image.  There is a difference between attention and focus.  What is it that is frustrating for you?  Something that gets your attention, but upsets you when you focus on it…  Perhaps you should look at it from a different angle.  Blur your vision a bit.  Cross your eyes a bit.  Maybe, just maybe, there is a treasure hiding beneath the patterns that we have been focused on.

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what retail workers do at night…

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Loch Ness?  um…no…well, maybe.  But not today.

Ever just feel lost?  Not like physically lost but, rather, mentally lost.  Like your brain is on vacation…but not to some place warm…some place luke warm, maybe.  But definitely not the hot kind of warm.

I dunno.  Maybe it’s just the weather.  Yeah, I’ll blame the Indiana weather.  Cold, windy, wet.  I’d go on vacation too if I were my brain… if for no other reason than to just thaw out.  There’s not a whole lot you can do during weather like this…especially in a place like this.  If you haven’t been to rural Indiana…don’t.  At least not at this time of the year.  There is not a whole lot going on.

Tonight I had great intentions of forcing something creative out of me.  It never happened.  First, I opened up Photoshop.  I tried to create from scratch…anything really would have been fine.  Nothing came.  Next was Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and GoLive…  I hoped to design/code a kickin’ site for my wife’s blog.  Again, nothing came.  Back to Photoshop briefly to revisit some old photos and experiment with some creative attempts at post-processing them…  My end result was such a sight to my eyes that I nearly vomited on my Wacom tablet…  Now that would have been a bad day…

Not sure what is going on.  Some people are really good at forcing creativity, you know, the on-demand creative minds out there.  I discovered that’s not least not tonight.  I presented opportunities for my brain to respond and all I got was an out-of-office reply…  I’m ready for Spring…

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a little (probably too much) about me…

So, as I delve back into the blogosphere after a year or so sabbatical, maybe you don’t really know me much… Well, here it is:Lilly Ann

Me: Michael “Brook” Sarver (I go by my middle name)

Her: Sara Sarver (She’s the better half…no questions asked…)

Us: We’re the lovely parents of a nearly 5 month old puggle puppy, Lily Ann

Work: I’m a Director of Children/Family Ministry….She works all day with Special Needs kids at a local school….

Passions: Thailand, Thai food, Thai language…now that I’ve got that out of the way… Computers… Technology… Singing….. Playing…. Napping…. Creating…. Destroying… Reading… Thinking… Learning…

Un-passions: poop on the floor, complacency, not being open to discussion, big government spending and the same question being asked of me several times after I’ve already responded (pet-peeve….sorry)

Desires: To see people take their next step in getting to know Christ more closely…

Un-desires: To see a Republican win this next election 😉 Sorry….had to put that there! BTW, it’s my blog!

Serious un-desires: To not pursue Christ more closely…. To not use His gifts to the best of our abilities… And to not love like He loved…

Currently reading: Juicing the Orange, Communicating for Change, The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School

Favorite Book: A Farewell to Arms, Blue Like Jazz

Favorite Show: The Office

Music to my ears: yes, please…. (aka… nearly everything) …Shane & Shane… DMB… Jazz… Classical… Rap… Classic Rock… Oldies…. R&B…. Techno… Dance… Trance… Easy Listening… Acoustical… ….Barack Obama…

Un-music to my ears: Student loans yet to be paid off…

Fetish (un-sexually): cell phones, internet, candles while I work on the computer…

Well, now that you’ve probably ran off and find yourself hiding, I would like to invite you out from underneath the couch to leave me a message or two… Thoughts anyone? Bueller? …. Bueller?

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110+ resources for creative minds

Well, at least I pretend to have a creative mind.   Maybe you actually do have one.  If so, then this may help…

via Ragamuffin Soul….via Skelliewag…

Seriously though, this resource rokzors!

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