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me, my wife and my first book cover

arguments aren't that simpleHow ’bout a little randomness this Sunday evening? A little over a year ago now I was contacted via Flickr about a photo of mine (to the right) that a Polish company was interested in using for as a book cover. Now, I must say, as I photo junkie/poor college student I was rather stoked. I worked up a quick invoice and did a crap load of research on what to charge the Polish company interested. I didn’t want to over price…nor did I want to loose the opportunity to get a photo of mine bound and published…I mean…come on…that’s at least kind of cool, right?

This photo was shot kind of spur of the moment one night while Sara, my now wife/then fiancĂ©, and I were serving at a church in Thailand. The idea had been running through my mind for a few days but didn’t really know where to go with it. So, spur of the moment, I pull my Sony Cybershot out and snapped a few imaged underneath a florescent light next to my apartment building. Nothing special…but a decent idea brought to some sort of completion… And…well, someone liked it. Liked it enough at least to put it on a Polish book cover! On a ranking of coolest…that would rank somewhere around 135 thousand or so…but hey, that 267 thousand points higher than my prior coolness factor!

Check out the book cover image from the publisher in Poland below…and check out my Flickr for more random imagery.

book cover

By the way… I got cut out of the final image… My wife is the hero… I am the lowly photographer/creative mind… Just the way I’ve grown to love it…


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