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I was doing some researching on theming and blogging on the Joomla! CMS when I stumbled across this sweet video nugget. See for yourself…


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marketing, advertising and some great CG

I’ve recently been working my way through several books on marketing campaigns and advertising strategies.  I know that some of you cringe at the thought of mixing “the church” with business models.  But let’s be honest here…  Everyday people in our churches are the focus of marketing campaigns…whether its whiter teeth, a new car or a luxurious lifestyle.  By not taking popular culture into consideration when navigating a sermon series or just telling others about Jesus you are, in some ways, doing the opposite of what Jesus did.  He communicated in a way that people understood.  That’s one of the reasons the King James version of the Bible nearly unused any more.  It’s not that the message has changed (although, some scholars would argue that it is one of the poor translations), but rather, the way it communicates with todays culture is largely ineffective.  I do believe that the message of Jesus will forever transcend time and place.  But we have to be proactive and presenting that message in a way that can be understood by people in today’s culture.  And that is the same thing that marketing campaigns and advertising strategies attempt to do also.

So, now on to the good stuff.  I came across this design-driven creative group via AVclub’s blogBuck has produced some amazing stuff for many different customers.  And, after spending close to an hour going through some of their recent work, my brain hurts from creativity overload.  If you’ve got a few minutes and want to indulge your creative side check out their work for Toyota.  If you’ve got another 10 minutes and about 70 MB of downloading time, check out The Making Of for that same project.  Good stuff, great ideas and great use of a mixture of motion graphics, visual effects, live film, and 3D.  If you’ve got an hour on a Saturday evening like I did, check out the rest of their Recent Works on the left-hand side of the page…

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me, my wife and my first book cover

arguments aren't that simpleHow ’bout a little randomness this Sunday evening? A little over a year ago now I was contacted via Flickr about a photo of mine (to the right) that a Polish company was interested in using for as a book cover. Now, I must say, as I photo junkie/poor college student I was rather stoked. I worked up a quick invoice and did a crap load of research on what to charge the Polish company interested. I didn’t want to over price…nor did I want to loose the opportunity to get a photo of mine bound and published…I mean…come on…that’s at least kind of cool, right?

This photo was shot kind of spur of the moment one night while Sara, my now wife/then fiancé, and I were serving at a church in Thailand. The idea had been running through my mind for a few days but didn’t really know where to go with it. So, spur of the moment, I pull my Sony Cybershot out and snapped a few imaged underneath a florescent light next to my apartment building. Nothing special…but a decent idea brought to some sort of completion… And…well, someone liked it. Liked it enough at least to put it on a Polish book cover! On a ranking of coolest…that would rank somewhere around 135 thousand or so…but hey, that 267 thousand points higher than my prior coolness factor!

Check out the book cover image from the publisher in Poland below…and check out my Flickr for more random imagery.

book cover

By the way… I got cut out of the final image… My wife is the hero… I am the lowly photographer/creative mind… Just the way I’ve grown to love it…

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istockphoto and the prodigal mind

I love iStockphoto. But first….

I rolled out of bed at 1 AM this morning to take my mother and step-father, who are leading a dental mission trip to Haiti, to the airport in Indianapolis….about 2 hours from home. On the way home it was just me, the open 4 AM road, a 15 passenger church van, classic rock and a half-bag of sunflower seeds to keep me awake. I began to think about my post last night about the lostness of my mind recently. Where have you been oh brain of mine? haha… Anyways, I began thinking about a creative way to showcase the trip to our church body and to “celebrate the win” of having one person have a dream for using her passion, education and giftedness and bringing people on-board and getting a team together to make the journey with her to Haiti…where teeth are rotten and people are needy…

Then comes… The team will be capturing gigabytes of pictures to sift through and we need a good way of presenting the story in a creative way to our church body in just a few short minutes. I went over to iStockphoto and pulled down an image of the western hemisphere and began drafting an idea for an introduction to their trip. I’m thinking of a simple dotted-line following of their numerous connecting flights before arriving in Port Au Prince, then showcasing a few of their images while the trip leader does a trip overview voice-over with a soft music background. I picture the images moving in from off screen with a Polaroid-type frame, then falling into a messy stack below as she continues with her trip description. I’ll post a video once the project is complete in a few weeks…

Truthfully, the 4 AM open road helped. Rather than open up a blank project in one of the Adobe programs and stare at the screen, a simple separation early morning from all that I was trying to force my mind to submit to produced a result far better than I was going to come up with last night. We’ll see how it looks when it is finished…but at least an idea is there… and a seemingly decent one at that. Off to sketch it out in my moleskine

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Loch Ness?  um…no…well, maybe.  But not today.

Ever just feel lost?  Not like physically lost but, rather, mentally lost.  Like your brain is on vacation…but not to some place warm…some place luke warm, maybe.  But definitely not the hot kind of warm.

I dunno.  Maybe it’s just the weather.  Yeah, I’ll blame the Indiana weather.  Cold, windy, wet.  I’d go on vacation too if I were my brain… if for no other reason than to just thaw out.  There’s not a whole lot you can do during weather like this…especially in a place like this.  If you haven’t been to rural Indiana…don’t.  At least not at this time of the year.  There is not a whole lot going on.

Tonight I had great intentions of forcing something creative out of me.  It never happened.  First, I opened up Photoshop.  I tried to create from scratch…anything really would have been fine.  Nothing came.  Next was Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and GoLive…  I hoped to design/code a kickin’ site for my wife’s blog.  Again, nothing came.  Back to Photoshop briefly to revisit some old photos and experiment with some creative attempts at post-processing them…  My end result was such a sight to my eyes that I nearly vomited on my Wacom tablet…  Now that would have been a bad day…

Not sure what is going on.  Some people are really good at forcing creativity, you know, the on-demand creative minds out there.  I discovered that’s not least not tonight.  I presented opportunities for my brain to respond and all I got was an out-of-office reply…  I’m ready for Spring…

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Seth Godin on creativity

“99% of the time, in my experience, the hard part about creativity isn’t coming up with something no one has ever thought of before. The hard part is actually executing the thing you’ve thought of.”

…via Seth’s blog

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110+ resources for creative minds

Well, at least I pretend to have a creative mind.   Maybe you actually do have one.  If so, then this may help…

via Ragamuffin Soul….via Skelliewag…

Seriously though, this resource rokzors!

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worthy wallpapers


If you are looking for creative/kick-butt desktop wallpapers, check out Just came across this today in my daily surfing…and wow, this guy or gal puts out great stuff. Trick out your wallpaper!

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