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Say What?!

The blogging has been lacking around here the past few weeks, I know.  It has been rather exciting here in real life though!  My goal is to write about it in the next week or so, as it should slow down for a few days.  We’ve had visitors, then camp, then studies, gardening, meeting more and new neighbors, another round of houseguests…. and now a few days to get back to normal before it all goes haywire again.  Ahhhh, I really do love life and all that comes along with it.

Today, just for fun, I figured I’d post a couple examples of the “English” we deal with on an every day basis here.  You’ll understand why I put the name of our heart language in quotation marks when you look at the following photos.  I honestly don’t know how this stuff makes it through production and onto the shelves – in mass quantities at that.  Huh.

Check out the features on this childrens’ remote control helicopter box –
At least, despite the atrocious spelling, you can still understand what they are trying to advertise, right?  How about trying this next one on for size…

(Click image to enlarge.)


(It reads: “Exeacise for 1 minute a day. But I ate 1 food + 1 drink. In addition, I ate 1 seryings, at last, I ate 4 servngs!!”)

Ummm… do any of you get it?  I sure don’t.  It doesn’t make any sense.  The spelling is bad (even the same word is spelled differently more than once).  The math is wacky.  And, to make it even more interesting, this is all on a womens’ cotton nightgown.


Now, I’m not going to deny the fact that the little 3D felted and embroidered characters are kinda cute…
… but, what role do they play in this mish-mosh of English words on an article of clothing that is meant for sleeping in?

I know, I know, my Thai isn’t perfect either.  Whenever I speak, I am likely to screw something up.  But, seriously, if I were going to produce large numbers of an item and then expect to sell it to people for real, hard-earned money… I think I would at least get somebody to proofread what I’m sending out.

Engrish.  Oh my.


November 8, 2010 - Posted by | Just for Fun, Thailand

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