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Tasty Tuesday – Rye

Root canal visit #1 went surprisingly well last week (though I still couldn’t eat = no Tasty Tuesday), and round #2 this evening went just as well.  Yay!  Only 3 more visits now to get fitted for, then be fitted with, a crown for my delinquent molar.

Now that we’ve started off with such great news, onto the food we go!

This past week, we had our very first visitors from the United States, and boy was it a blast!  It was refreshing to be able to “see” Thailand again through their eyes as they asked questions and experienced the world that has now become so normal to us.  Oh yeah, that’s right, everything here is a bit strange compared to home… forgot about that!  We enjoyed taking our friends all around to different food stalls, markets, and historical sites to learn more about the nation in which we now live.  It was even more wonderful that we were able to chat for hours on end, in our own heart language, and not have to explain every single cultural reference we make.  It was great!

Another neat thing about having visitors come from home is that they are able to bring some goodies along that we otherwise would go without over here.  One such thing that came for me was a bottle of Caraway seeds.  Anybody out there like some Rye bread?  I sure do.  And, it’s been 16 months (more than a year!) since I’ve had it.  So… guess what I did within a day of receiving the seeds – I made some fantastic homemade rye!

All that's left of the first loaf after 2 days of me munching away.

Several months ago, while on a short trip into the city, I discovered a tiny bag of stone ground dark rye flour (perhaps only 4 or 5 cups in the bag).  I, however, was unable to find caraway seeds (perhaps my favorite part of the bread) anywhere since then.  To me, you can’t have rye without the caraway, so into the freezer my little bag of flour went… until now.

Rather than reprint the entire recipe here, I’m just going to post the link to the recipe I used – it has great directions as well as photos to help you along in the process of making this fabulous bread.  I got 2 big, puffy loaves out of this recipe, and the crust was wonderful (just like that Beefsteak brand of Rye bread you can find at the store!).  Also, although the name of the recipe says it is “light” rye, I would consider it to be more of a medium rye.  The molasses in the recipe lends the bread a darker color and a heartier flavor.


Click here to find the recipe.


October 12, 2010 - Posted by | Food, Tasty Tuesdays

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