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God of This City

“Greater things are yet to come, and greater things are yet to be done in this city…”

Such is the first line in the chorus of a song you may already be familiar with, or you may not.  You may have even sung the Chris Tomlin version of it in your own church or at a conference in some major city near your home.  The lyrics go something like this.

You’re God of this city, you’re the King of these people,
You’re the Lord of this nation, you are…
You’re the Light in this darkness, you’re the Hope to the hopeless,
You’re the Peace to the restless, you are…
For there is no one like our God, there is no one like You, God!

Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city!
Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done here.

You’re the Lord of creation, The creator of all things,
You’re the King above all kings, you are…
You’re the Strength in the weakness, You are Love to the broken,
You’re the Joy in the sadness, you are…
For there is none like our God, there is none like you, God!

I was first introduced to this song at a conference, I believe.  I don’t remember when, but I knew it was familiar when I listened to it again last October.  A family that we know in PA (from all of our wonderful church travels speaking last year) reintroduced me to this tune via Facebook, as when they heard it, it gave them a reminder of us now living in Thailand.

The band Bluetree, from Northern Ireland, originally wrote this song while travelling through Thailand.  They saw the needs, the desperation, the depravity of so many people in different cities in this country and felt led to write a song about it.  One place in particular, a city named Pattaya, is where this song really came out of.  It’s a place where every form of the sex trade goes down, people are bought and sold for a variety of purposes, and there are streets you don’t want to walk as soon as dusk hits for fear of seeing something that could lead you astray.  There are open-air strip clubs and bars dotting the landscape closest to the beach.  It was a city like this that the song “God of This City” was written for.  Here, one of the members of the band describes how the song came into being.

When you know the back story, the song becomes all the more powerful, I think.  Sure, it can be sung out by crowds in the States, whole-heartedly, and mean something there.  God is surely over every city in the world… and, I’ve been to Pattaya several times.  I’ve seen this sadness with my own eyes.  To think that God still sees a place like Pattaya, to think that greater things can still be done in a city like Pattaya, to think that He can still bring joy in such an area like Pattaya is incredible to me.  It’s a huge task, and there are people working every day to bring that change in Pattaya.

As we look to move to the North side of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city (also known for having large pockets where the flesh trade is alive and thriving), this song moves me even more.  There is so much going wrong in Bangkok today – from trafficking to drugs, extreme poverty to extreme excess and abuse of wealth, and even now the protests and violence related to the nation’s current political status.  Thailand needs your prayers.

Listen to this song.  Sing along if you like.  But please, take some time today to pray for the country of Thailand.

for the people who are trapped in the sex industry.
for the people who die each day from lack of food, clean water, or a roof to live under.
for the Prime Minister, the King, and government officials as they face the current political situation, that they would seek to be honest, fair, and find a resolution that doesn’t require any more bloodshed.
for those who are involved in the protests, on all sides – red shirts, yellow shirts, pink shirts, the multi-colored shirt groups – that they would not resort to more violence, and would be able to peacefully negotiate with the government.  No more fighting, no more bombs, no more unrest.
for those who are not involved in the protests, but their homes and businesses have been affected by the shutting down of key areas of Bangkok, causing loss of money for daily living and loss of safety for their families.
for the soldiers who have been put in place to help deal with the protest situation, willingly or not.
for Thailand and its undercurrent of black magic and spiritism that are even stronger during times of political turmoil, as curses are cast and rituals are performed on every side of the conflict.

Pray that somehow, somewhere, in some way, God’s love and mercy would be revealed to each and every person in this nation.


April 30, 2010 - Posted by | Thailand


  1. thanks for this, Sara. and, i am so thankful that our God is big enough to be over every city regardless of the ugliness that may currently be present.

    Comment by Heather | April 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. This is awesome. I have sung this song so many times and never knew! What a meaning it adds to this song. I lived in Thailand for over 4 years and studied at LLC like you. Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Comment by Erin | April 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. i want to pray for YOU as you consider moving there….*sigh* if i wasn’t anxious enough before, i sure am now… (and i love that song, by the way)

    Comment by mom | April 30, 2010 | Reply

  4. VERY powerful, Sara! Keep it comin!

    Comment by Becky Kock | April 30, 2010 | Reply

  5. I just LOVE this blog!!….Oh Father, nothing is impossible for you to turn things around….our hearts and prayers go out to Thailand!

    Comment by Cynthia Kendall | May 1, 2010 | Reply

  6. YOu& Brook are in our prayers. Thanks for some direction on how to pray. Our news only gives us part of the story.


    Comment by Martha Yerger | May 1, 2010 | Reply

  7. Powerful and amazing…we will be praying for you…bs

    Comment by Bill an Susie Scott | October 26, 2010 | Reply

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