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Tasty Tuesday goes Irish!

After a month of living in a YMCA hostel in Singapore, boy was I glad to see my little bitty kitchen again.  Just in time, too.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, and although I have not a drop of Irish blood in my body, I enjoy taking part in all of the festivities the day has to offer.  One such thing is making treats to share with those who happen to be around me.  This year, it means Shamrock whoopie pies!

IMG_0943 sm

I saw this recipe over on Annie’s Eats, a food blog I frequent, around Valentine’s Day.  Her blog originally showed these as red heart shaped cookie sandwiches, and I thought why not make them green and shaped like a four leaf clover?  So, I went for it and gave them a whirl.

I must say, these lil buggers took me about 4 hours to make (though, I promise if you try them out, it will be much faster for you), and it wasn’t quite as much fun near the end of that time as it was when I started.  Why?  The only supplies I have are a couple of bowls, a spatula, and a plastic zip-top bag.  No mixer.  No food processor.  No gadgets or pastry sleeves for piping the shamrock shapes.  Do you have any idea how long (and how much manpower) it takes to cream butter and brown sugar together without those type of machines?  And how about trying to achieve the fluffy goodness that is either a cream cheese or old-fashioned buttercream frosting… yeah, not so much.  Ha.  But, I did the best I could, and I’m glad I tried.

IMG_0954 smI could go on about all the frustrating things that occurred during the hours it took me to make my shamrock treats (like the oven pilot going out a few times, making temp regulation near impossible; the only icing sugar I could find is more crystal-like and wouldn’t fully incorporate for the filling, etc.), but I won’t, because that would mean my environment wins.  We all know that can’t happen.  After all, I did get some whoopie pies made, and they do look kinda like shamrocks.  My arms may be sore, I may be super tired (the house started out around 100F before I even turned the oven on…), and they may not be quite as good as if I’d made them back in the States, but I still win.  🙂

Welcome, once again, to baking in an old rowhouse in central Thailand.  Oh, and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


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  1. and may i say once more how proud i am of you. you are so like me when it comes to not letting the ‘bad guys’ win! :o) after all, gram and nanny didn’t have those things either…and they made delish stuff all the time. i guess that’s why they had such muscles! love you! :o)

    Comment by mom | March 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. I so know what you mean! I made a meringue with a hand cranked egg beater to top a key-lime pie for a friend’s birthday. It took a LONG time. I’ve made whipped cream that way too, and use it cream butter all the time. I get around my lack of a food processor by using a food mill. In my kitchen, cake tins are also used to bake pizza, cookies, brownies, and plenty of other things. We’re just learning to be resourceful, that’s all! 😉

    Comment by Sally | March 17, 2010 | Reply

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