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Tasty Tuesdays – Thanksgiving # 2

As with last week’s post, this one will also showcase a little piece of how we were able to celebrate American Thanksgiving here in Thailand. I say American Thanksgiving, because contrary what many of you may think, the last Thursday in November is not celebrated as a holiday throughout the rest of the world. Sure, Canadians celebrate a holiday also called Thanksgiving, but theirs is held in early October. A few other European countries may also have a holiday which focuses on thankfulness, but what we do back there in America truly is unique.

Being only a couple of the few Americans within OMF Thailand, we felt a bit lonely during this beloved holiday… but, thankfully, we did find ways to enjoy it nonetheless. The first was by joining with older missionaries in their traditional celebration last week. The other was by creating our own day of celebration (which we so cleverly named “ThanksFathersMas”), and inviting our friends, the Ruggles, to leave their home in Bangkok for a weekend in the exciting city of Lopburi. (snicker, snicker)

Jason & April do not have any areas for cooking in their high rise apartment in downtown Bangkok.  Having felt the stress of a similar situation when first arriving in Thailand (living in a youth hostel for a month and a half), I offered my home and my kitchen up for their culinary pleasure.  April made sugar cookie cut-outs to bring back to her English students, and Jason cooked breakfast for us.  Wonderful!  Oh, but it gets better…

We decided to celebrate a late Thanksgiving/ early Christmas together, and the day that we chose for the feast just so happened to be Thai Father’s Day – thus, the name ThanksFathersMas.

IMG_0509 sm We did our best to re-create a meal from Midwest America, and I think we did a pretty good job!  Turkey, as mentioned in the last post, is hard to find (and when possible, very expensive), so we got an already roasted chicken from the local fresh market to serve as our main dish.  We mashed some potatoes, whipped up some Betty Crocker sweet potatoes, chicken gravy, corn, and can’t forget my mom’s recipe for stuffing (with sage bread cubes sent from mom herself)!  I made some fluffy homemade dinner rolls, and April baked a fabulous apple pie.  Oh, and since our friends come from the Big City, they were actually able to find a few precious items that we are unable to buy here in Lopburi, like cranberry sauce and chocolate chips (not for anything in our meal, rather to be saved for a later time, to be rationed out slooowly)!

After enjoying a (literal) taste of home together, Brook did the dishes and we relaxed until it was time for a Christmas movie.  It really felt like home… despite the 90 degree temps, of course.

I know this whole post may seem rather ordinary to many of you out there, but to us who live 8,000 miles away from home, residing in a culture that is one of the most opposite from that which we are from, this was truly a big event.  I am so thankful that God has placed people in our lives that we can share our joys and frustrations with, who come from the same culture, are going through the very same things, in the very same country, at the very same time.  Funny how He arranges those sort of things, huh?  God has taken care of us, and provided means of encouragement when we most need it.  This weekend was nothing short of wonderful.

As busy as this past week has been, the following weeks will be just the same… leading into a busy next few months.  I would like to invite you to pray with us for some important travel coming up for us. Thank you in advance!

  • December 19-26: We will be visiting possible ministry locations in Bangkok for placement after completing language school Spring 2010, as well as assisting in some of their Christmas outreach programs.  Pray for clarity, wisdom, and guidance as we try to figure out the next steps in moving toward a more permanent location for our work here in Thailand.
  • January 17-20: Tentative visa run to Penang, Malaysia to pick up Brook’s RA visa, which will enable us to remain in-country 1 year at a time between renewals.  We will also be renewing my O visa (3-month) as I will not ride on the RA visa until Brook’s work permit comes in (hopefully within 3 months from now).
  • February 15: We leave for a 1 month term in Singapore at the OMF International Headquarters for organizational instruction and business matters.  When we return to Lopburi in mid-March, we will jump fully back into language study, aiming to finish in June/July.

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