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Singing in Thai!

This past weekend was the festival of Loy Krathong here in Thailand.  As a part of learning about the country in which we live, our language center hosted a special session devoted to this particular holiday, featuring traditional songs, talks from our native Thai teachers, and presentations by a few of us students.  My husband, Brook, and I were asked to sing a special song for the event.  The teacher who asked us, requested that it be a Christian worship song that had to do with water and life.  She requested this, as the festival of Loy Krathong is centered on water.  Looking through the language resources available, we settled on a familiar song that you probably know as well – I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.

But… there’s a catch – since we’re in language school learning how to speak, read, and write Thai, of course we had to sing the song in Thai as well!  We’ve provided subtitles both in Thai script and English phonetics, as well as singing the song in both languages.  Enjoy!

Brook and Sara sing Thai from Michael Brook Sarver on Vimeo.


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