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My Birthday Boys!

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Today marks the birthday of two very important boys in my life, and seeing as I can only be with one of them today, I thought I’d write a special blog post about them.  We’ll start with the youngest, my nephew Carson, because he’s the one I won’t be able to see today.

Carson name

I remember when Carson was born 6 whole years ago on October 28!  I made sure I was home in Illinois that weekend, since I was studying at Huntington University in north-central Indiana at that time.  He was born a little early since he was such a big boy, and since his birth was scheduled, I knew I couldn’t miss it!  That made me happy.  Even neater was the fact that I knew he and his Uncle Brook would always share a birthday from then on out.

Anyways, I remember the time getting closer and closer to when I had to leave the hospital and head back to school, but we still couldn’t see him yet.  Waiting, waiting, waiting… looking at the incredible little baby boy through the nursery window, wondering when or if I’d even be able to touch him before I had to go.  You can imagine how worried I was that I wouldn’t get to meet this little boy that I had just only seen for the first time… But, then, my brother, the new proud father, announced I would be the first one to hold him (other than his new parents of course!) after he had been brought to their room.  Before the grandparents, before the friends, before the other family!  I seriously broke down crying when Tim put him in my arms.  Who knew you could instantly love someone so very much?

12845_299263535244_565315244_9556355_1271372_nIt’s been wonderful to see Carson grow up into such a fine young man.  He is very smart, loves to draw, is kind, conversational, has a good imagination, is handsome, and just an all-around great kid.  He was the ring bearer in Brook & I’s wedding just over 3 years ago, and I’ll never forget that squeaky hamburger he carried down the aisle with him.  (I hope that makes you laugh, Carson!)  He loves to fish and go canoeing with his dad, my brother Tim.  He is always interested in new things, and I can see him doing great things as he grows even more.

I wish Uncle Brook & I could be there to give you big birthday hugs and eat cake & ice cream with you!  I wish you all the best things in this next year, and I pray that God would keep you safe, teach you more, and let you keep becoming the wonderful boy that you are!  I love you, Carson!

Brook name

The other birthday boy, is of course, my husband Brook.  Brook and I first met October 4th, 2002 at Huntington University.  Yes, I’m a female, and I am allowed to remember things like that.  I had made a commitment between myself and God not to date anyone during high school, rather to focus on academics and service from those 4 years through the first semester of college.  Then, there he was, visiting a mutual friend on campus (he attended elsewhere at that point), and we hit it off right away.  I couldn’t believe this guy I’d met… We didn’t see each other again for exactly 2 weeks, and I couldn’t get him off my mind in the meantime, so all I could do was pray.  Had God honored my previous commitment, and brought me someone at just the right time?  It appeared so, and the story only goes on from there.

We’ve been through life together for the last 7 years, married for just over 3, and I am thankful for every one of them.  Brook’s passion for music and anything that has to do with it was the first thing that brought us together.  I still enjoy singing with him, or simply listening to him play his guitar (especially when he doesn’t even know I’m listening).  He has this drive, this determination, to learn new things and do them well.  He has this ability to go out and meet new people, unafraid.  He has become a good teacher, preacher, and friend to others.  He makes an impact wherever he goes.  He tries very hard at whatever he does, and if he doesn’t succeed at first, he tries even harder the second time.  He is my best friend, and my companion on this journey in life (cheesy, I know, but true), and I wouldn’t want to face Thailand without him.

I love you, Brook.  And I pray that this next year you would flourish here in Thailand, that God would continue to bless our marriage to one another, that we would only continue to grow together and love one another as much as one can.  I thank God for you, for your determination, your love of life, your passion for this work in Thailand, and most of all that you are mine.  🙂

How blessed I am for these 2 boys being a part of my life!  Happy Birthday!!!!

*For outtakes of our birthday photos among 13th century temple ruins, visit my Facebook page (will be uploaded as soon as the internet allows!)*


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  1. seriously, my mascara is running….

    Comment by mom | October 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Awww! So sweet. Brook’s face in that first pic is priceless. lol. Hope you had a good day and everything worked out well!

    Comment by April | October 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. 555+
    That means Ha Ha Ha.

    Happy Birthday to both boys.

    Comment by Jason Ruggles | October 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. I love that picture of Brook! He just radiates energy. Haha!

    That was a very sweet post, Sara! You are so thoughtful! 🙂

    Comment by Marie | October 28, 2009 | Reply

  5. […] time of day it was, what’s been going on in each of our lives… my 6 year old nephew, Carson, played a song for us on the piano, and my 3 year old niece, Madelynn sang “Pants on the […]

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