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Internet & Food

Ok, we’ll start with just a wee bit of business.  I have a notepad with about 7 different posts on it right now, all waiting to be shared with you, but there’s a hitch in my posting process.  We don’t have internet.  Well, I do at the current moment, because I’m sitting in a cafe down the road from us, but it’s not a regular possession.  We are hoping to move into what will be our home for the remainder of our year in language study sometime in the next couple of weeks.  When we do move in, we will have (hopefully) consistent internet and you will be hearing from both Brook and I much more often!  Until then, you’ll just have to keep checking back for new posts as I can get them up.  Thanks for not giving up on me yet!

Now onto the meat of today’s post.  Well, it’s not all meat, there’s a lot of veggies in there, too.  Yes, I’m giving you a visual sample of some of the food we’ve been eating since our arrival in Thailand just over a month ago.  The photo you see here is of an evening meal we shared with a group of fellow language learners.  Every Wednesday night, there are 2 fellowship groups that meet, comprised of our fellow language learners here in Lopburi.  We meet for a bit of worship and study, a meal, and just some time to speak with others in something other than Thai.  The host home provides the rice, and everyone else that comes brings 2 servings of something to go with the rice.  Everything is pooled and we share it.  It’s a neat way to get a little variety in your supper.

FG food

Brook and I usually go to the fresh outdoor market nearby and get a couple bags of something from one of the ladies we’ve come to know.  This particular night, we brought what you see at the top of the photo – spicy crisp green beans with fried pork and chilies.  Another family brought a Thai-style salad (also from the market) of shredded cabbage and carrot, kernel corn, red beans, boiled potato, and egg.  Somebody else brought chopped cucumbers and tomatoes, and we also brought some fresh pineapple.  And trust me, you haven’t had pineapple until you’ve eaten pineapple in Thailand.

I’m planning on starting a food section here on the blog when we have regular internet, until then, check out some friends of ours who also live in Thailand.  They run a piece on Food Fridays where you can learn about other things we eat on this side of the world.  Enjoy!


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  1. i miss you…..but, you know that. I hope things are continuing to go well and you’ll be moving into the ‘new’ digs soon. I know that you will be able to do something good with ‘your own’ place, i just know it. I’m glad to see this post today and at least know that you’re all right. i get so anxious when we go for a week or better and i don’t hear anything…especially after talking to you at least once a day on average before. love you!

    Comment by mom | September 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Comment by Jason Ruggles | September 15, 2009 | Reply

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