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Oh, where has the wit gone…?

I was taking a wee break tonight from studying the KidStuf lines that never seem to end, when I thought “hey, check out your old Xanga site, and see what still lives there.”

So, I did.

On April 11, 2005, the Spring semester of my Junior year in college, I scribed the following:

“if i knew i wouldn’t be crushed mercilessly by our certainly capitalist society in coming days, and that all of the money poured into this institution on my behalf would not have been an utter waste, i would rid myself of this thorn that we call “higher education” to actually live my life and not be so bogged down by all of this crap they call “personal enrichment” and “displays of learning;” all lovingly created, glorified busywork of course, riddled with standards that are not often clearly designated until after they’re returned to the student with marks indicating severe inferiority. it is then that disgust and disdain for this unending spiral infiltrate my thoughts upon this present state, striving toward a worshipped parcel of sheepskin containing not only the name which i bear, but that of the institution which enslaves me as well.

i resolve a life which exists without this nonsense.”

My best guess, by timing of this post, is that I must have received a paper back from a professor that day.  One which I had slaved at least 30 hours over at the library, most likey for Biblical Interpretation…

Whatever it was, that was my entire post.  Short, sweet, and quite the kicker.  Many of my former bloggings posses this same type of language and use of the words that English provides us.  I so enjoyed having that old grin creep across my face as I read farther and farther back through the archives of Xanga (my username being eeshkabibble if you feel so cheeky as to go browsing), and believe them to be worthy enough of being reposted here.

So, from time to time, I will be presenting you with snippets from days past, hopefully sharing that sly grin with you as well.


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