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And the sparks they flew…

Yes, it’s true.  My dear little hairdryer exploded in my very hand this evening.  You see, we are currently in the land we love – Thailand – and were getting ready for supper with some friends we hadn’t seen for a while… showers are very important in this climate, for sure.  I had cleaned up, de-wrinkled my clothes, and was ready to dry my hair.  Then, it happened.

Like a good little world traveller, I brought my travel-sized, fold-up, multiple-power-source-adaptable hair drying device.  The same one, actually, that I brought with me the last time we were in this part of the world.  Before plugging it in, I got a tool and turned the little switch that controls the power current being used with the dryer, plugged it in, used the little test/ reset switch, and had success.  The next logical step, of course, would then be to turn it on and begin the  process of drying my wet head.  But then…

BOOM! *flash of light* CRACKLE, CRACKLE *vibration* FIZZ… the inside of my hair dryer exploded right before my eyes, and the outets in our hotel room all died.  Great job, Sara.  Blackout your room on your first night in Bang Saen.  Good thing i didn’t blow the whole hotel!  I don’t understand it, having done everything right… even having used it at this same hotel last time… bah.

The best part about it though, was trying to explain to the concierge what had happened and get them to have someone come and fix it… half Thai, half English, half who-knows-what.  🙂  Brook ended up calling our friends, and handing the phone over to the hotel to get it done.

Welcome to Thailand, where the weather is hot, the food is hot, and the electrcity runs hotter than you think…


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