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Why do I stand for 6 hours a day?


Because that may as well be me… well, minus the awesome hat and neckbow. And while I do wear an apron, I could only dream of sporting such stripes…

I am a proud worker of Viking Foods deli and meat department this summer, and I love every minute of it. I can point out, recommend, and wrap up practically any cut of beef or pork for you. I can properly cut up a whole fryer and wrap it up nice and neat in clean white paper for you. I can slice up any of 30 kinds of luncheon meat in whatever thickness your sandwich needs. I can recommend any of 20-some cheeses to pair nicely with that meat I just prepared for you (and yes, I have tasted every single one of them… I enjoy cheese) And finally, if you decide to buy one of our 17 fresh-made deli salads, or need your wedding catered – you can bet that I have had a hand in making it.

I love food. I love making food… and perhaps the best part of all culinary goodness is serving it to someone else. Just ask my husband how excited I get whenever I can find an excuse to mess up my kitchen.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know wrapping up raw steaks and ground chuck with my own little paws isn’t the most glamorous thing in the world, but I really, really enjoy interacting with the customers, and hopefully helping them along in planning their supper or special occasion, then sending them on their way with a smile…. I told one lady today that I felt like I’d been wrapping Christmas presents all day (saturdays are very busy), and she smiled really big as I handed her ‘present’ (four 1″ ribeyes) over the counter.

Most of my co-workers see working back there as “just a job” that they have to trudge through each day. Some of them make light of it anyway and delight in serving people who come to us for heir picnic needs. But me: I wish I could make this my year-round job. (I work with special needs elementary kids during the school year… and that job pays my insurance)

I enjoy the people I work with. I enjoy seeing new faces every day and learning who the regulars are. I enjoy chopping up potatoes and celery by the 5 gallon bucketful. And I enjoy now knowing more than my husband about steak.

Someday… someday, I will do this full-time. Anybody wanna open a catering business/ bakery/ deli/ whatever with me?


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