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Sunday and sunny…

It’s been a pretty good weekend.  Yesterday Sara and I spent hours out in the yard raking, burning and other general up-keep that we probably should have done last Fall.

I’ve also been working on our new site(s).  We are moving our blogs over to a more permanent location: It has been a while since I’ve done much web design/development, but had heard some really good things about Joomla! so I thought I’d check it out.  Having dug around in it this weekend, I’m pretty impressed.  Once you have the “flow” of the content theming and location, it really is great to use.  Again, check out our new site and let me know your thoughts.  If nothing else, it’s been a fun challenge!

This next week looks like it may be a bear.  We have a LOT of video to shoot and edit and one major After Effects project to bring to completion.  By the way, did you know that my official role is a Director of Children’s/Family Ministry?  I mean, come on, how many kids pastors get to play around with video cameras and Adobe products week in and week out?


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it’s friday….and i’m glad…

Here’s a twitter-style run down thus far….

Got to work even though I professed to be taking a day off.
Downloading Sunday Video.
Burnt said video to DVD.
Handbraked” a DVD clip for usage next week.
Attempted to learn Joomla! for our new site.
Watched  The Dog Whisperer with our puppy, Lilly.
Later – Dinner with me wifey, Sara.
Later – More work on our website and Joomla!
Later – Bedtime….Lord willing….

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I was doing some researching on theming and blogging on the Joomla! CMS when I stumbled across this sweet video nugget. See for yourself…

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April Fools!….is over…

We had a board meeting tonight.  And, if by chance, you’ve been across this site any time recently you’d know this has been on my mind quite a bit.  We were dealing with a Children’s/Family ministry overhaul to put it simply…but it is definitely more complicated than that.  Anyways, my biggest concern has been the growing budget I have been working so hard to complete.  After tonight’s meeting I felt small.  Small in the sense that they looked at the total number…and then increased it by 11% for safety’s sake.  Sure, it will take a large amount of money.  But that wasn’t their chief concern…but it has been one of mine.

Anyways, the meeting went long…but great.  Everyone is on board and we now have the “clearance” needed to move forward…  You know…move forward to all the “easy stuff”….  Hahaha…ya right.  But I’m excited!

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