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Life has been crazy lately.  Now, I don’t want to freak out thinking I’m the only one in the world that has been working hard.  There are definitely people out that that work harder than I do/have.  But….I’m tired.  I’ve been tired.  And this journey has just started.  But…I’m excited.  And I continually become more excited about the possibilities and the look I see on people’s faces when “they get it”.

We had another good meeting tonight.  I’m realizing that as a leader, you need to have your crap together.  Not only do you need to explain yourself to people, but you also have to explain yourself regarding questions you haven’t yet asked yourself.  And, you need to be able to say “You know….I haven’t really thought that through” or “You know what, you’re right.  What was I thinking?”, etc.  I’m learning that.  And those types of questions are tiring.  You have to think.  You have to justify spending $80,000 on a remodel to start a new Family Ministry.  You have to justify moving Adult Sunday School into a Small Group setting in order to free up space in your environment and volunteers.  I definitely think we are on the right track with all of this.  But it is tiring.  But as tiring as the guy collecting cans to recycle in order to get enough money to buy a meal for dinner; thus, I’m not really complaining.  Although, I suppose I am or I wouldn’t have posted this….

Now I feel bad….

Things are going well.  I’m as excited as ever about what’s to come.  And I see the mountain of work before me as a huge challenge…but one that I look forward to hiking up.

In college I went on a few Spring Break trips.  Now, these weren’t the Girl’s Gone Wild types of trips.  Instead, it was quite the opposite.  We went backpacking…with 3 other guys.  It was a dude-fest…in a non-homosexual sort of way.  We had a lot of fun but it sure was a challenge.  Now, I hate running…and really don’t even like walking…but hiking, now that is something I can do…for about 4 hours.  The problem was that these trips were 5-6 days in length…in the back-country…away from civilization…no phones…no email…no vehicle…only you, the trail, and your hiking buddies.  No wife to cook you dinner.  It was a blast…and an amazing up-hill climb at the same time.  The mountains just seemed to continue…and it seems we were constantly walking uphill.  It was torture.  It was horrible.  But I would do it again in a heart beat.  At the time, I would trade it for anything…especially a warm beach with the ocean…and beach volleyball…and a pool…and parties.  But now…I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything…

God has  a plan in all of this.  I just pray we are faithful to follow it…and listen to it…and heed it.  You can’t go wrong following God.  So, the uphill climb sure seems like a long way up.  But eventually we will get there…and see the valleys below…and the peaks across…and the view that can only come from climbing up.  What a sweet view it will be…

Just to leave this post on a solid musical note, check out the YouTube video below.  Imogen Heap rocks it solid.  Love it.


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