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In-laws, in-ears and innerds…

Sara and I went out to Illinois to see her family today.  Was a pretty decent trip overall.  We weren’t able to get out there last weekend for Easter due to having to be at the church all weekend…and week…so we needed to get a trip in out there before Sara is done with Spring Break.  It’s quite a bit of traveling to make the trip in a day…several hours there…and several back.  Not to mention that it was pouring buckets of water the entire way home…and at times it was hailing/sleeting.  Lovely weather this time of year!  The trip seemed forever long on the drive home…even though we watched SNL’s Best of Will Farrell (Vol. 1 and 2) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on our iPod.  You’d think it would make the trip go by faster.  It didn’t.  If anything it rubbed in the fact that we watched hours of SNL and an hour and half long movie….and STILL weren’t home.  Trips like that always leave my stomach a little loopy.  Just doesn’t quite settle…not to mention that I am nursing a sore throat…hoping it doesn’t turn into it’s evil step-sister a full-blown cold.  Here’s hoping…

As for the in-ear thing, let me explain.  We’ve been thinking a lot about how to get the best sound quality/coverage in our KidStuf space.  It seems as though the monitors may pose a problem.  Personally, I’m all for using in-ears.  I love to use them and prefer to use them.  Problem here is two-fold though….  1.)  Not everyone in our neck of the woods has ever used them…in fact, most haven’t and 2.) They cost money.  A decent bit of money in fact.  Just another 3 or 4 sets can augment our Audio budget a pretty decent little bit.  But, hey!  Live a little right?


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  1. hey man… if you’re still looking into the IEM world… shoot me an email… we have quite a bit of experience with ’em… so you can ask away!

    Comment by Jason Lee | April 2, 2008 | Reply

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