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Massive Overhaul…and lots of $$$

We’re at the near beginning of a summer-long remodel/re-structuring of our children’s/family ministry, of which I am in charge,… Things have been hectic and the saying that “it takes more to kill something than to create it” is SOOO true… As we look to restructure (kill) Adult Sunday School, my main concern is not the money involved in the remodel…nor the volunteer base need to make KidStuf and Upstreet happen; rather, many of my concerns lie in bringing those adult sunday school goers on-board with the idea that discipleship will take place largely withing small groups, rather than a class…within “doing Jesus” rather than “learning Jesus”… if that makes any sense. Truthfully, the remodel, as I envision it, will take close to $70,000…a bit over what I originally hoped…but that $70K will rock your socks off…both as fifth-grade boys and as parents. I look forward to the Fall kick-off…but see the mountain of mounting work before me… T’wil be a long haul…but a haul worth hauling in the long run…thus, a haul worth hauling now…


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