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attention vs. focus

An interesting video isn’t it.  After watching it I began to think about the church and us in leadership positions within her.  “It’s easy to miss what you are not looking for.”  All too often I find myself guilty of this.  It’s all too easy to make gross judgments based on what I’ve given my attention to.  It’s all too easy to make encompassing statements that are inaccurate.  After all, those statements pack the most punch.  Many a marriage has died from this.  “You NEVER do….”  “You ALWAYS….”  “You’re the biggest ____ I know!”

We can all benefit from looking at things a bit differently.  Just because someone’s small group is struggling doesn’t mean that they all suck.  I kind of see it like those Magic Eye posters.  You can give the poster all the attention in the world…but unless you focus correctly you will never see the true image.  There is a difference between attention and focus.  What is it that is frustrating for you?  Something that gets your attention, but upsets you when you focus on it…  Perhaps you should look at it from a different angle.  Blur your vision a bit.  Cross your eyes a bit.  Maybe, just maybe, there is a treasure hiding beneath the patterns that we have been focused on.


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