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marketing, advertising and some great CG

I’ve recently been working my way through several books on marketing campaigns and advertising strategies.  I know that some of you cringe at the thought of mixing “the church” with business models.  But let’s be honest here…  Everyday people in our churches are the focus of marketing campaigns…whether its whiter teeth, a new car or a luxurious lifestyle.  By not taking popular culture into consideration when navigating a sermon series or just telling others about Jesus you are, in some ways, doing the opposite of what Jesus did.  He communicated in a way that people understood.  That’s one of the reasons the King James version of the Bible nearly unused any more.  It’s not that the message has changed (although, some scholars would argue that it is one of the poor translations), but rather, the way it communicates with todays culture is largely ineffective.  I do believe that the message of Jesus will forever transcend time and place.  But we have to be proactive and presenting that message in a way that can be understood by people in today’s culture.  And that is the same thing that marketing campaigns and advertising strategies attempt to do also.

So, now on to the good stuff.  I came across this design-driven creative group via AVclub’s blogBuck has produced some amazing stuff for many different customers.  And, after spending close to an hour going through some of their recent work, my brain hurts from creativity overload.  If you’ve got a few minutes and want to indulge your creative side check out their work for Toyota.  If you’ve got another 10 minutes and about 70 MB of downloading time, check out The Making Of for that same project.  Good stuff, great ideas and great use of a mixture of motion graphics, visual effects, live film, and 3D.  If you’ve got an hour on a Saturday evening like I did, check out the rest of their Recent Works on the left-hand side of the page…


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  1. Then might I suggest Stardust

    Comment by ken | March 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Ok…Ken. You Rock! Everyone go check out Stardust via Ken’s post above. Great stuff indeed! Thanks Ken!

    Comment by Brook Sarver | March 23, 2008 | Reply

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