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when is too much too much?

Ok….let me preface this by saying that I don’t want to come across as complaining.  God has blessed my wife and I with good jobs and has brought us to this point for a reason.  So, I’m not here to complain…but maybe a rant wouldn’t hurt.

I’m a director of family/children’s ministry.  Last week I also led worship.  Tomorrow I’m preaching.  Last Tuesday I was in Indianapolis (two hours away…turned into an overnight trip) on a hospital call.  Thursday morning was spent fixing a computer in our church’s “library”…if you could call it that.  Tonight I drove to Indianapolis to pick up a mission team returning from Haiti.  Monday I worked a bit on our church’s website.  Monday night I spent working at home on an After Effects project to showcase the Haiti trip.

At what point do you stand up and say too much?  It’s not that it is unnecessarily too much…maybe it’s just too many things…too much of too many different things.  I do enjoy preaching, leading worship, and visiting hurting families in the hospital.  I also really enjoy web design/programming and graphic design/video post-production.  I enjoy all the things I’ve done in the last week.  But if I am supposed to do all these things, how can I ever focus and be great at my first role….  a children/family ministry director?  Is it my fault?  Probably in some ways.  Is it their fault for asking?  Probably in some ways….

I dunno, maybe I’m just tired and incoherent.  I’ll let you know how the sermon goes tomorrow….


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  1. Good questions Brook…for me, it was about my eighth year of working in a mega-church trying to be all things to all people, when I began to ask at what point am I no longer being the church and simply doing church. Plain and simple, I was too busy to be the kind of church Jesus taught us to be,and that’s when we made some major changes. Today, my marriage, family and pastoral life are much better off. If I can be honest…the fact that you’re asking these questions tell me that God is already stirring something up inside you, and that changes might need to be made.

    Comment by rexhamilton | March 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hey Rex, thanks for stopping by. I definitely feel God stirring up some discontent within me. But at the same time, I battle the feeling that I get from “kingdom work” with what I know still needs done…that I just can’t seem to get to. My wife and I are without kids at this point which frees up time that would normally be devoted to them. That time gets filled…and since I find fulfillment in “kingdom work”…I guess I am the one to blame.

    Another thing I struggle with is this: If I were to say no…where would I start? The hurting hospital family? The church website (when I am the go-to guy for web related stuff)? Or maybe the video post-production (then how to we take our next step in utilizing our abilities and meeting people where they are in life)?

    Again, not complaining…just tired… And it goes in spurts, but I can’t see myself doing this forever at this rate. I’m young…and have a young back…but forever is a long time to be tired 😉

    Comment by Brook Sarver | March 16, 2008 | Reply

  3. A question I often think about myself….heck, I don’t even work at my church but I sometimes wonder why I don’t have a title there (lead worship for youth and church, designed website for youth, designing website for church, video production and graphic design for youth and church)…..but like you said, it’s hard to say no when you like doing it all.

    Comment by CJ | March 17, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hey CJ…Thanks for stopping by. It’s a wonderful thing eh? It’s one thing to get taken advantage of when you are getting paid for it 😉 It’s quite another when you do it for no money or livelihood. Blessings bro…

    Comment by Brook Sarver | March 17, 2008 | Reply

  5. Hi Brook…I meant to get back to you sooner, but Sunday’s are full and today I was just wanting to be off the computer. I have a question based on your response…What do you mean by “kingdom work”? Would you consider all your duties to be Kingdom work? I would say that if you know without a doubt that God has called you to be a pastor, then pastor people. Others will always come along who can do websites and videos. Not to say just quit doing all these things that you have fun doing, but being the church is always about people and not the fringe things we think make church relevant. Lastly, as one who has 2 kids and one on the way, I wish I dad made changes before there were kids so that my wife and I could have done more together. We rarely get to do random, spur of the moment things with kids and I really miss that. Babysitters are damn expensive! 🙂 Hope I’m not too foward or assuming…these are tough questions you’re asking and I have thought about you this past weekend, praying that God gives you the wisdom you need right now to discern his will.

    Comment by rexhamilton | March 17, 2008 | Reply

  6. Hi Rex… I would consider “kingdom work,” as I am referring to it, as anything done to enlarge His Kingdom here on earth. Now, a little back story. My wife and I are ramping up our support raising to do a 10 year stint in Thailand church planting. That is heart’s desire, calling and passion. Where we find ourselves now is a place where we can gain insight (good or bad) into “church” and to grow as leaders and in responsibility. Planting a church is/will be no small task. That probably adds to some of this tiredness and discontent. I have no doubt that God has brought us to this church for this time…but man it wears on you. I can also see how adding children to the mix will definitely complicate things…but then again, it may free me up. Either way, we’re planning on holding off on those for a bit longer…God willing 😉

    Comment by Brook Sarver | March 18, 2008 | Reply

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