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istockphoto and the prodigal mind

I love iStockphoto. But first….

I rolled out of bed at 1 AM this morning to take my mother and step-father, who are leading a dental mission trip to Haiti, to the airport in Indianapolis….about 2 hours from home. On the way home it was just me, the open 4 AM road, a 15 passenger church van, classic rock and a half-bag of sunflower seeds to keep me awake. I began to think about my post last night about the lostness of my mind recently. Where have you been oh brain of mine? haha… Anyways, I began thinking about a creative way to showcase the trip to our church body and to “celebrate the win” of having one person have a dream for using her passion, education and giftedness and bringing people on-board and getting a team together to make the journey with her to Haiti…where teeth are rotten and people are needy…

Then comes… The team will be capturing gigabytes of pictures to sift through and we need a good way of presenting the story in a creative way to our church body in just a few short minutes. I went over to iStockphoto and pulled down an image of the western hemisphere and began drafting an idea for an introduction to their trip. I’m thinking of a simple dotted-line following of their numerous connecting flights before arriving in Port Au Prince, then showcasing a few of their images while the trip leader does a trip overview voice-over with a soft music background. I picture the images moving in from off screen with a Polaroid-type frame, then falling into a messy stack below as she continues with her trip description. I’ll post a video once the project is complete in a few weeks…

Truthfully, the 4 AM open road helped. Rather than open up a blank project in one of the Adobe programs and stare at the screen, a simple separation early morning from all that I was trying to force my mind to submit to produced a result far better than I was going to come up with last night. We’ll see how it looks when it is finished…but at least an idea is there… and a seemingly decent one at that. Off to sketch it out in my moleskine


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